I use fitness slang terms quite often. Here’s a quick reference for the unaware.


Abs: the abdominals, or the six-pack muscle (usually excluding obliques) “To get the abs to pop, you need progressive overload like any other muscle.”


Bench: bench press. “I’m trying to get my bench up 20lbs in 2 months.”


Brah: slang for bro. “You’re lookin’ lean brah!”


Burn: burn calories “That exercise video is one hell of a burn.”


Bulk: using calorie surplus with an aim to gain muscle mass “I’m bulking until I hit 200lbs, brah.”

See also:

Clean bulk: a bulk that aims to minimize body fat by going with a very small amount of calories above maintenance.

Dirty bulk: a bulk that does not pay heed to calories. Any food is fair game. Dirty bulking usually leads to excessive fat gain and eating problems.


Dead(s): deadlift. “Dude you are smashing out on those deads.”


Cardio: cardiovascular exercise. Elevates the heart rate for periods of time. “I did my cardio after I lifted.”


Cheat meal: a meal, usually processed and very high in calories, that provides a break from more strict eating “I went to this little Italian joint and smashed for my cheat meal dude.”


Core: the total musculature of the midsection, encompassing the abdominals, obliques, and deeper muscles “My core is so sore form that workout!”


Cut, cutting: using a calorie deficit to lose fat, usually with the hope of preserving lean mass and retaining strength “I’m cutting to get shredded for the summer.”


Hard-body: very lean with muscle. Taken from the fact that fat is squishy and soft. “I’m trying to get that hard-body so I can bounce pennies off my stomach.”


Health: overall well-being, both physical and mental “Health is #1, not abs.”


Jacked: muscular “That dude is jacked!”


Lean: low body fat levels “I’m keeping an eye on what I eat to stay lean.”


Maintenance (calories): Eating almost the exact amount of calories needed to neither gain nor lose weight. “I’m just sitting at maintenance right now.”


Maintenance (training): training to maintain the muscle and strength you have, either because you’re at your genetic max or just need a break.


Ripped: lean with decent muscle size, can be used interchangeably with shredded. “That dude is insanely ripped!”


Shred: burn calories or fat “I’m trying to shred some fat, brah.”


Shredded: lean with a decent amount of muscle, can be used interchangeably with ripped. “That dude is absolutely shredded!”


Strength: the force the muscles are able to produce throughout resistance training movements. “I’m bulking to improve my strength in the core lifts.”


Strong: being able to exert lots of force (through a movement). “Yo that dude is hella strong in the bench.”


Test: testosterone. “Sleeping 8 hours a night, getting in proper nutrition, and training optimally will do your test levels wonders.”


This list will be updated regularly.