What Are Your Why’s?

Who? YOU!

What? Get f*cking shredded!

Where? No better place than HERE!

When? No better time than NOW!

How? By any means necessary!

Why? *crickets*

Do you even why bro?

You see, the first step to fat loss (or anything worthwhile) is finding your why’s.

Your why’s will be the underlying framework that you’ll fall back upon when things get hard (and you can bet your a*s that things will get hard). Additionally, your why’s burn in you. They ignite a fire deep inside, providing you with non-stop motivation over long periods of time.

That is, if you have great why’s.

Just Say No to Bad Why’s

Bad why’s are just blah, don’t evoke any emotion, and definitely don’t get you fired up.

Some not so great why’s:

  • ______  likes it
  • ______’s doing it
  • Everybody’s doing it
  • Nobody’s doing it
  • Getting this will finally get me ______
  • If I just get ______ I’ll finally be happy!
  • ______ looks cool/rad/sweet!

All of these suck and you can smell failure just looking at them.

If your why’s look like any of these, it’s time to make some changes.

The Key to Great Why’s

You see, great why’s are tied to something truly important to YOU, not things that are important to someone else.

A great why looks something like “I want to get lean because it would boost my confidence and compel me to go after the things I want in life”. Now that’s a f*cking why! How could you not absolutely kill it if you said this to yourself every morning?

Here’s a personal why of mine: I want to stay healthy and strong as I age because I never really had a relationship with either of my grandfathers, and I want to be able to have solid relationships with my grandkids. This would be f*cking epic, and it’s a big why for me.

Or check these why’s:

“To be able to be put in any situation and come out on top.”

“To better protect myself and my family.”

“To be a ball of energy in business and everyday life.”

“To look and perform better naked.”

You can see how these why’s have to do with things that I care deeply about—things that give me skin in the game. These are things that are tied to my purpose as a man in this world.

Imagine this for me…

You’re in the middle of an intense workout and you want to quit, but you dig deep down and find your why… and you think about tossing the rock around with your grandkids.

Are you really going to let your grandkids down? Are you going to be able to look them in the eye and say sorry kids, I gave up all those years ago and now I’m a sick, bedridden shell of a man? Hell no! You’re gonna finish that workout, and smile while doing it!

And Now It’s Your Turn

Write down a couple of great why’s pertaining to why you want to get healthy, strong, and shredded.

Put them in a place where you’ll see them every day.

Make your why’s your personal mantra, and watch how motivated you stay to smash your goals.



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